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Sardine Salad
Ingredients: 1 dozen large sardines lettuce hard-boiled eggs French dressing  toasted crackers Directions:   Drain a dozen large sardines, remove[...]
Matelote of Sea-Bass
Ingredients: sea bass parsley salt pepper butter Italian herbs garlic onion red wine mushrooms pearl onions Directions: Clean three pounds of sea-bass[...]
Baked Bass and Tomatoes
Ingredients: large whole black bass (or two small ones) bread dressing tomatoes bacon butter white cheese salt parsley Directions: Select[...]
Tilapia a La Bordelaise
Ingredients: Tilapia onion carrot parsley clove of garlic salt and pepper shallot red wine beef stock flour chives Directions: Chop[...]
Simple Baked Fillets of Bass
Ingredients: bass parchment paper salt pepper Directions: Cut bass into small fillets, sprinkle with salt and pepper, put into a[...]
Bass a La Bordelaise
Ingredients: sea bass Claret (Bordeaux wine) garlic beef extract mushrooms butter flour water Directions: Spit a large sea-bass. Put into a[...]
Something Fishy but Healthy
Fish is necessary in a healthy diet. They contain many healthy and balanced components that are crucial for the regular[...]
Options For Purchasing, Cooking And Taking Pleasure in Cooking Fish
  Wild Salmon There are 6 types of Pacific salmon - friend, coho, king (chinook), pink, sockeye and steelhead -[...]
Sweet Fish Bouillon
Ingredients: your favorite fish celery carrots an onion a small sweet pepper butter eight cupfuls of water one cupful of[...]
Fun Ways To Cook Fish
Seafood Recipes Whether you live near the shore or in the Mid-West, discover the bounty of the sea with fish[...]
Baked Codfish With Gravy
Ingredients: codfish bread crumbs salt and pepper Sherry mushroom catsup beef stock butter parsley flour olive-oil lemon Directions: Stuff the fish[...]
Food preparation In Cast Iron Kitchenware
ou could possibly recall your grandparents using actors iron fry pans and skillets. On Sunday, you made sure to have[...]
Freshwater Fish
Catfish A kind of scaleless, freshwater river fish identified by the whisker-like barbels that extend from its mouth. Since of[...]
Helpful Tips For Cooking Whatever!
. An excellent method to do so is to crinkle up some tissue paper at the bottom of the container[...]
Here is a Way to Spice Up Your Next Salmon Meal
  The unique tastes improve the natural goodness of salmon or other kind of fish, shellfish or seafood. Whether you[...]
Baked Bass a La Manhattan
Ingredients: bass bread crumbs bacon butter salt and pepper Directions: Butter a baking-dish, put in the cleansed  fish, rub with[...]
Sardine Rarebit
Ingredients: sardines toast butter cheese egg cream French or Cucumber dressing lemon parsley Directions: Toast strips of bread, lay a broiled sardine[...]
Risky Fishness: The Fugu Thrill
There's a certain odd appeal to the Japanese delicacy referred to as fugu. After all, it's not every day that[...]
Baked Bass a La Newport
Ingredients: bass bacon butter salt Directions: Clean the fish, gash the top place a teaspoon on butter in the fish,[...]
Baked Salmon Steaks With Tomato and Capers
Ingredients: salmon butter salt and pepper onion capers tomatoes Directions: Put the steaks in a buttered baking-dish. Lay bits of[...]