how to cook bass

Baked Bass With Shrimp Sauce


  1. oil and vinegar
  2. bacon
  3. butter
  4. one tablespoon of flour
  5. cayenne
  6. lemon juice
  7. half a can of shrimps


Marinate the cleaned fish for an hour in oil and vinegar. Put into a baking-pan with slices of bacon underneath and on top and
sufficient boiling water to keep from burning. Add a teaspoonful of butter to the water and baste two or three times during the hour of baking. Strain the gravy and set aside. Melt one tablespoonful of butter, add one table spoonful of flour and cook until brown. Add one cupful of the liquid left in the baking-pan, making up the required quantity with boiling water if necessary. Cook until thick, stirring constantly; season with cayenne and lemon juice, and add half a can of shrimps chopped fine. Bring to the boil, pour over the fish, and serve.

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