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Sardine Rarebit

Ingredients: sardines toast butter cheese egg cream French or Cucumber dressing lemon parsley Directions: Toast strips of bread, lay a broiled sardine on each, and keep warm. Melt one tablespoon of butter, add two tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, and gradually, as the cheese melts, the yolk of an egg beaten smooth with one fourth of a cupful […]

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sardine egg cups

Sardine In Egg Cups

Ingredients: sardines hard-boiled eggs olive-oil salt and pepper mustard lemon-juice French or Cucumber dressing Directions: Cut hard-boiled eggs in halves crosswise and take out the yolks. Cut a thin slice off  the bottom of each cup. Rub the yolks to a smooth paste with olive-oil and add half a dozen sardines skinned, boned, and mashed. Season with […]

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Sardine Canapes

Ingredients: sardines butter lemon-juice salt Tabasco Sauce butter french rolls Directions:   Skin, bone, and mash sardines. Rub to a smooth paste, using melted butter and lemon-juice, and seasoning with salt and Tabasco Sauce. Toast small slices of french rolls, butter them, spread with the sardine mixture, heat thoroughly in the oven, and  serve piping hot as a […]

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sardine salad

Sardine Salad

Ingredients: 1 dozen large sardines lettuce hard-boiled eggs French dressing  toasted crackers Directions:   Drain a dozen large sardines, remove the skin and bone, and lay upon a bed of lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with hard-boiled eggs,  chopped fine, pour over a French dressing and serve with toasted crackers.

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deviled sardines

Devilled Sardines

Ingredients: 1 dozen sardines salt and pepper lemon juice hot mustard toast lemon parsley Directions: Skin, split and bone a dozen sardines. Season with salt, pepper, lemon-juice, and hot mustard. Let stand for an hour in the seasoning. Broil and serve on toast, garnishing with lemon and parsley.

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